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Using the GRUB2 bootloader menu with keyboard and serial terminal in parallel

To enable GRUB's serial terminal, there are various guides available. However, following these guides enables only the serial terminal and disables the normal interface with input from your keyboard and output on your display. This article shows how to enable both.

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avcut - frame-accurate video cutting with only small quality loss

Some time ago, I tried to cut video files at specific timestamps. However, the tools I knew didn't work accurately or had other drawbacks with those specific types of videos. In the following, I describe what I learned while analyzing the problem and writing an own tool to cut my videos.

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A basic Ubuntu 15.04 image with Linux 4.0.9, BTRFS, systemd and a U-Boot boot menu for the Raspberry Pi 2

For the ARMv7-based RPi2, the official Ubuntu wiki offers a community-maintained 14.04 image and Ubuntu Mate offers an image with a complete desktop. As I wanted to start with something minimal and more recent, e.g., including systemd, I started to write a script that builds my own image.

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