Avahi-tray enables fast access on services announced by Avahi/MDNS using an application in the system tray. Users can set custom commands that are executed on certain events or if a certain service has been selected. With python-notify, certain events can also be reported to the user using libnotify.

Link: https://github.com/anyc/avahi-tray

With increasing code size, outdated stuff is easily forgotten in header files. I wrote a small script that compares the list of declared symbols with the list of symbols present in the symbol table of the final binary. The script lists declarations of symbols that are not required anymore.

Please note, this list may contain false positives and may be incomplete!


I wrote a little ebuild that installs MatLab on a Gentoo Linux system. With the ebuild, the installed files are tracked by the package manager and do not pollute the filesystem.

The process is not fully automated, so please mount the ISO to a root-accessible path, e.g.,

fuseiso matlab.iso my_path/ -o allow_root

and provide the path using CDROM_ROOT environment variable, as well as the path to the license file in MATLAB_LICENSE_FILE and the key either using MATLAB_INSTALLATION_KEY or using MATLAB_INSTALLATION_KEY_FILE if the key is in a file.

A recent version of the ebuild can be found here.

Diese Datei herunterladen (matlab-1012a.ebuild)matlab-1012a.ebuild[ ]2 KB

Ever tried to mount a partition that is inside an image with multiple partitions? With kpartx of the multipath-tools package, it's really easy. It scans the image and creates a individual device file for every partition using the device mapper.

Example in case of a KVM image: http://blog.piotrj.org/2009/03/mounting-raw-kvmqemu-image.html

First create a loop device for the image:

losetup -f /path/to/image

Then create a vmdk file for the resulting loop device:

VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename my_image.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/loop/0

This vmdk file can be used by Virtualbox as a hard disk.