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Alte Tutorials
Image as hard disk for Virtualbox (12.03.2009)
First create a loop device for the image:
> losetup -f /path/to/image
Then create a vmdk file for the resulting loop device:
> VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename \
my_image.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/loop/0
This vmdk file can be used by Virtualbox as a hard disk.
kpartx (12.03.2009)
Ever tried to mount a partition that is inside a whole device image? With kpartx of the multipath-tools package, it's really easy. It scans the image and creates a individual device file for every partition using the device mapper.

Example in case of a KVM image:
Socat (09.06.2008)
"Socat is a command line based utility that establishes two bidirectional byte streams and transfers data between them. Because the streams can be constructed from a large set of different types of data sinks and sources, it can be used for many different purposes."

Some examples:
Multitail (05.05.2008)
Multiple "tails" in one terminal with various possibilities - like filter, conversion, "watch" functionality, etc.

Link: Version: 5.2.1
Archiv: Seite 1 Seite 2

  M. Kicherer