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De-brick a Thinkpad T530 with coreboot

Recently, my Thinkpad T530 suddenly broke and only flashed the LEDs at power on and then did nothing. I stripped all unnecessary hardware but the behavior did not change. Also, pressing certain key combinations during power on which shall clear remaining charges or BIOS settings did not help.

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How to send a notification over XMPP on SSH logins

If you want to receive a notification over XMPP everytime someone logs in to your machine, follow these steps:

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AsteroidOS 1.0 Alpha on the Asus Zenwatch 3

In a previous article, I published a small userspace image and Linux kernel for the Zenwatch 3 that enables root access with SSH over USB on the watch. By now, I reached my initial goal to get AsteroidOS, the alternative Android Wear operating system, running on the Zenwatch 3.

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